Vision Statement aims to reduce work related stress, faced by prisons officers in Trinidad and Tobago through: Information, Advice, Support and the Employee Assistance Programme.




“Any organization or social structure which consists of one group of people kept inside who do not want to be there and the other group who are there to make sure they stay in will be an organization under stress.” Brodsky, (1982)


Work Related Stress is best described as “the incapacity of a worker to handle different work demands successfully” (Misis, 2013). Work stress is widespread and in many cases severe and possibly increasing among correctional officers (Finn, 2000). 

“Prisons should be regarded as unique working environments as very few other institutions are charged with the primary duty of supervising and securing a population that can be unwilling and potentially violent Armstrong & Griffin (2004). Therefore working in prisons results in a number of equally distinct occupational stressors” (Regan, 2009). 

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is the avenue by which officers in Trinidad and Tobago can access counselling and other services that can greatly assist in the reduction of work related stress.


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