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The author of this website is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies majoring in Psychology, Counselling and Social Work and a candidate for a Masters in Counselling with an emphasis in Trauma and Crisis. This website was created as a follow up project for his senior thesis entitled Work Related Stress. He has been a Prisons Officer for more than eleven years and has seen and experienced first hand the effects of work related stress. His experiences inspired him to become a pioneer and undertake a task that has never been attempted in Trinidad and Tobago. He hypothesized that Work Related Stess can be reduced through the practice of proper Recruiting , Training and Self Management Techniques. At the end of the data collection process, he created this website, 

Prison Officers Work Stress Support Services as a place where all prisons officers in Trinidad and Tobago can apply for the services of the Employee Assistance Programme online and also take advantage of the information, training and socialization that prison officers work stress support services offers.  


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